4 Tips on How to Choose a Realtor in Charleston SC

Choosing the right realtor can make or break the deal for you. If you choose incorrectly, you could be locked into a contract for a long time with a person who is not the most qualifies to sell your home. Take a few proactive measures outlined below from Charleston SC real estate professionals at Premier One – and you will learn how to choose a realtor to close the deal for you in record time.

Charleston Real Estate1. Word of Mouth – Chances are pretty good that someone in your neighborhood has used a realtor to buy or sell their home and had amazing results. Just like a doctor or mechanic, when you find the right one you do not want to let them go. This goes for real estate agents too, and if a neighbor has a positive experience they can share with you, it may allow you to align yourself with a professional who will make short work of a very complicated and time-consuming process.

2. Social Media Surfing – Hit the social media websites and do a search realtors in your area. If you already have a few names in mind, search for them and take a peek at how they interact with potential customers on their feeds. Here you can discover in the blink of an eye how courteous they are, how quickly they respond to concerns, how knowledgeable they are, and more importantly, how friendly they are. All these are key to getting the best agent in your corner working for you.

3. Make the Call – Call the local real estate office and ask to speak to the top-selling agent in the office. Chances are they are very busy, and that is exactly what you want. You don’t want the agent sitting in the office waiting for calls to come in, you want an agent out their hitting the bricks, making deals and closing sales. The more busy they are means the more customers trust them with their business.

4. Schedule a Meeting – Sitting down with a realtor doesn’t mean you have to sign anything. Meet up at their office and pick their brain while getting a feel for their personality. If they seem distracted or not interested in what you are saying, thank them and move on. Usually you can make a quick judgement after speaking with a realtor for a few moments whether they are the right fit for you.

These 4 tips for how to choose a realtor will allow you to get a real feel for their work ethic before you make a commitment to work with them for the long-term.