The Best Way to Stage Your Home for an Open House

The open house is your chance to showcase your home in a way that will have anxious buyers fighting over themselves to get the best offer in to buy. If you fail to stage the house correctly, you might be lucky if one or two people show any interest in your home that day. If you want to have multiple offers coming your way, take some advice from real estate rebate agents at for some secrets to staging your home during that open house.

Charleston Luxury Homes1. Clutter Free – If you want people coming to the open house climbing over all your junk to see the house, then good luck getting an offer of any size. These people need to imagine what their stuff is going to look like in your home, not trying to imagine your stuff gone. Rent a storage unit and haul everything out so the house is completely clutter free.

2. Spruce Things Up – Invest in a cleaning service that can transform the inside of your home. It is important they steam clean the carpeting and upholstery, wash the windows, scrub all the tiles in the bathroom, remove dust, and polish all the appliances. The newer the interior of the house looks, the easier it will be for a potential buyer to fall in love with your home.

3. Curb Appeal – The curb appeal of your home is everything. If the outside of the house looks weathered and dirty, buyers may drive by without ever stepping foot inside regardless how immaculate the inside may be. Hire a professional power washing company to treat and clean the driveway, deck, fence, roof, gutters, sidewalks, and patio area. These experts can quickly remove dirt and mold buildup that is lessening the appeal of your home in the buyers eyes.

4. Neutralize the Inside – One of the things that can really negatively impact the appeal of your home is your personal touches. When the potential buyers see photographs of your family in every room, the refrigerator covered in family drawings, and the mantle covered with framed images of your relatives, they have trouble imagining their family in that space. Remove images of your family, make the inside look like a model home, this will allow potential buyers to feel at home in your home.

The key to getting more interest in your home at the closing is to make it look and feel in a way they can imagine themselves already moved in. Less is more when it comes to staging, so get working on reducing the stuff you will have to pack eventually when you move anyway.